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Restore headlights to their original condition

Clearlight offers a unique repair process that uses an OEM high quality UV protection coating that lasts for years (not weeks or months as is the case with other methods).

Our protective coating application on the headlights restores headlights, while the cut and polish method removes most or all of the existing UV protection coating, leaving the plastic lens susceptible to fine cracking and further discolouration.

  • Pass your next WOF

  • Drive safe at night with clear vision

  • Significantly reduce glare to oncoming traffic

  • Dramatically improve the look of your car

  • Add value / saleability to your car

  • A fraction of replacement cost

  • 3 year guarantee available

Our Guarantee

Currently offering a 3 year guarantee at no extra charge. 

Our Warrant of Fitness Guarantee

Clearlight guarantees that you will not fail your next three WOF inspections due to the exterior clarity of your headlight lens.


To replace most headlights will cost between $400 and $2500 each plus fitting and alignment charges. We offer a full restoration service for only a fraction of this cost and not much more than you'll pay for a DIY kit that doesn't actually work.


The headlight restoration process is completed within two hours and can be done at your home or workplace.

Our customers say ...

“I was in the market for a used car and struggled to find one with clear headlights, in the end I bought a vehicle with only minimal damage. It quickly got worse but I discovered Clearlight who have made them like brand new, very happy!”

Greg, One Tree Hill

“I honesty thought I was going to have to buy new lights, they look like brand new”

Vince, Manukau
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We restore not replace...

Save money and time with our headlight restoration service.


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