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Why should I fix my headlights?

Yellow or cloudy headlights impair your vision while driving at night and produce a horrible glare for oncoming drivers. Many vehicles are failing Warrant Of Fitness inspections because of this.

They also adversely affect the look and value of your vehicle.

Why should I choose Clearlight?

Clearlight Headlight Restoration is the best way to restore your headlights to an original finish. We are the only company that uses an OEM sealant and guarantees for up to 3 years. Moreover we expect it to last more than 5 years with high UV exposure.

Other similar methods have proven to flake off and go dull again in as little as 2 months not to mention paint runs and/or a blurry orange peel effect. Our finish looks like glass with the best finish possible.

Why do headlights go yellow?

Most headlights in today’s vehicles are made of clear polycarbonate plastic. This product has great impact strength but will not stand up to the damage caused by UV rays. In the manufacturing process, a slow drying chemical is applied to the outer layer of the polycarbonate plastic for UV protection. This will protect the headlight for at least 3 to 5 years or longer depending on the amount of exposure to the sun. Over time, the coating on the lens will begin to go yellow and oxidise. This is when you need to call Clearlight Headlight Restoration to restore the headlights back to their original condition.

Why do headlights go cloudy?

Usually, headlights become cloudy because they have previously been cut and polished which removes the layer of UV protection. Without this coating, the plastic lens cannot stand up to the conditions of normal road use and the sun.

What does Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) say about headlights?

 “a headlight must be in sound condition”

Reasons for a failed Warrant of Fitness:

“not bright enough to illuminate the road ahead due to deterioration”

“a reflector has deteriorated so that light output is reduced”

“A pair of headlights must emit light that is approximately of equal colour and intensity when switched on”

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